Monday, November 29, 2010

Highlights of Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great time relaxing, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning and enjoying friends and family. I wish it didn't have to end. Here are some of the highlights for a quick monday post.
David and I made a turkey. His parents had an extra and we were making it in case we needed extra. We had fun marinating and cooking it. It's nice to just see if you can do it and we had fun. I have made 1 before and it was disastrous. It was for work and it was so big that I couldn't lift it out of the oven. David wasn't home that year and I spilled liquid into the oven which caused smoke everywhere and our fire alarm to go off. I swore I would never do one again, but this was only a 12 lb turkey and I had a good helper.
 I wore boots over my new skinny jeans! Thanks to my friend, Dana I really liked them!
We did a little black Friday shopping, nothing crazy as we really didn't need too much, but I think next year we want to plan to go since most stores open at midnight we can stay up and get started. I got these flannel king sheets from Target for $14! They are so toasty and warm, I love them already. Stay tuned for more weekend fun this week. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Pin It


Jayme said...

I have those same sheets and they are absolutely the best. They don't lose their warmth/softness after lots of washing either just so you know. Great find!

leah said...

Love your skinny jeans and boots too cute! I'm very proud of you for doing a turkey again... after work's turkey picturing you up at 2 am bathing that thing to defrost it I thought you had given up!

Love those sheets too!

Ginny said...

Really styling in those skinny jeans, Jen!

Jen S said...

The turkey looks great!

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