Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Atlanta Home Show & Garden Grids

On friday I heard about the Atlanta Home Show coming to the Cobb Galleria Centre and I wanted to get tickets to check it out. They have home improvement vendors all in one spot and you can get ideas and talk to people about your renovations. The tickets were $10 each and I didn't want to pay that so I went on their website and saw that you could get free tickets if you joined It was free to join and its a new site that lets you talk and ask questions about your home repairs.
You just had to post a question and you got emailed your ticket confirmation. I did it for both David and I so we got in free! I happen to upload a picture with my question and didn't know it, but I got a free orange t-shirt when I got there. David was jealous of it. The website is actually really cool, you can ask questions, post pictures and have people and contractors answer them.
 We focused on granite for our kitchen counters and just looking for ideas.
 We learned about cork flooring, which is very interesting.
 One booth we went to see was Space Makers. They specialize in saving space, as their name implies. This desk folds down and there is a bed on top!
 Isn't that awesome? It doesn't look comfortable, but it would definitely save space.
 They also had these cool closets set up. Everything can be hidden and wouldn't it be great to have your ironing board IN your closet? I will be your Vanna White.
  You just fold it up.
 And close the drawer. You would never know that it was in there. They did the same thing with the jewelry holders.
 More inspiration and color choices.
 They had a ton of cooking demos and this is actually something my sister saw and got for us for Christmas a few years ago. It's used as a grater for garlic and then you can pour olive oil on there and have dip for your bread. You can also grate cheese and zest lemons, etc.. It's awesome! I'm going to have to break mine out again.
David wanted this Bona wood floor cleaner mop. If you have wood floors you need to get this. We have just the mop on the left and then there is a spray bottle so you can spray the floor and then wipe up. The new thing is the spray is ON the mop and you press a button and it sprays as you go. I myself was sold on the steamer vacuum mop a couple aisles over. We had a good time, but it was more of a sales pushy type environment which we were hoping for more inspiration and ideas.
When we got home I wanted to get my squares mapped out for the garden. We used mason line (which is basically string) and a staple gun to set these up. We had also spent time at Home Depot trying to figure out how to keep Molly out of the garden. We were going to get wire fencing and then we remembered we had an invisible fence hook up for when molly used to dig under the fence and get out of the yard (those were fun times).
We actually discovered that she really can't get in and sit in the garden with these grid lines on there! She tried to put a paw in that night, but hasn't done it since! We had hopefully our last frost last night so this weekend I am planting! Pin It


the girl in the red shoes said...

I love home shows! Looks like you guys had fun!

Mock family said...

What a thrifty gal you are! free tickets alright!

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