Tuesday, April 5, 2011

David's 30th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday night we had a combo family birthday party for David and his nephews Josh and Adam. It's always a fun time when we are all together and this was no different. We broke out the first ribs of the season and had yummy food.
 We had it at Darrin and Stacey's and they don't mess around with the ribs. You can see that they had all the supplies necessary for a bbq!
 You know that I belong in this family just by looking at the drink station.
Stacey and Ashley were the daiquiri makers. Thanks to Ashley for the adult beverage supplies!
 How many guys does it take to man the grill..... 1?
 We all enjoyed the spring weather. It was nice during the day, but the sun started going down so Darrin built us a fire in the fire pit to keep warm. Here are Davids parents enjoying the party.
 Ashley and Daniel had just come from a braves game, just kidding! She just wanted them to match. Aren't they cute?!
 Here are the ladies of the party. I guess I should have worn my heels!
 Me and Ashley!
 We had amazing ribs, corn, coleslaw, baked beans and pasta salad. I'll post recipes for the coleslaw, beans and brownies I made later. I'm sorry I forgot to take a pic before I started eating, I hope you don't think its too gross.
 Since we were celebrating 3 birthdays we had to have 3 desserts. I made the mint chocolate brownies and then we had cookie cake (my fav) and cheese cake.
 The cutest part about Davids gifts was that Ian gave him some trucks that he wants us to keep at our house so he can play with them when he comes over. He was so excited about it.
It was a great time and its so nice to have a Georgia family to celebrate all these fun events with.
Happy Birthday David!
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Rachel said...

looks like fun and makes me want to have a big cookout! :-)

Jen S said...

Aww the trucks were a cute gift! That grill looks amazing, too!

Mock family said...

everything looks fantastic!! yummmmmmmmm

Cora and Frank said...

Your blog is full of GOOD IDEAS, Informatation, and Family Fun,we LOVE IT...

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