Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

I found this recipe from TidyMom and knew I had to make them. Steeplechase was the perfect event to try them out. They do take some effort as everything is homemade, but so worth it. I had step by step pictures, but think I might have deleted them. So, please click here to view the recipe, her instructions are great.
This is my first cupcake that I've done with a filling and this one doesn't disappoint. The cookie dough filling isn't made with eggs, but the consistency is JUST like real cookie dough. I used the cone method and just cut a little cone shape in the middle of the cupcake to add the filling. You put the cupcake top back on and frost it and you can't even tell you cut into the cupcake.
I used the Nabisco mini-cookies already done for the topper, but if you were a super star baker you could home make your own mini cookies. We're having a bake off contest at work in a few weeks and I think I might make these again, they were that good and the presentation is nothing less than amazing. It makes 24 so I saved some at home to bring to David's dad for his birthday (happy belated birthday, I never announced it on the blog!) and some to work for a few lucky co-workers.
 I also wanted to show you some close ups of my pretty jewelry I bought at charming charlies for the event. This is my favorite color and I just love how nice the pics came out.
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leah said...

Yum!!! I hope you win the bake off!!

Mock family said...

yummers, and also.... LOVED hearing the cheerleading song/routing again!! (b/c it plays below) although I LOVE it, you may want to look at making that stop.... people may be at work or sick of it? (not me though)

Marla said...

Yum they look so good!! And I love the jewelry...very pretty :)

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