Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Eggs- Better Late Than Never!

We had a busy weekend full of errands, yard work, niece/nephew lacrosse games, grocery shopping, cooking for Easter, David selling his truck navigation system and Easter festivities. I have a couple great recipes that I'll share this week from Easter and other things I've been wanting to try. We also finally got around to doing our silk-dyed Easter eggs and they came out pretty good.
The two middle ties worked the best. I thought the first tie would come out better than it did with diagonal stripes. Next year, make sure you pick ties with burgundy in them as they seem to work the best.
Our favorite was the pattern the 3rd tie made. Just so everyone knows, we did have a lot of smeared/white space on our eggs (from where its hard to wrap it tight and have the material touching the eggs), we just strategically placed them for the pictures. 
The Easter bunny came to my house and brought beautiful tulips and a basket full of Reeses peanut butter eggs and twix bars, my favorite! Hope everyone had a great weekend.
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Lacey said...

Those eggs are gorgeous!!! I'm going to have to try this one year! Love all of the pretty designs the silk ties make! Great job!

Linda said...

Those eggs really are unique and wow, what a process! Love your tulips too!

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