Friday, August 5, 2011

12 Week Survey!

This officially starts my weekly pregnancy surveys! I hope you enjoy reading along with my progress along the way. 

How Far Along: 12 weeks

Size of baby:Your baby is, by this time, the size of a lime and weighs 1/2 ounce. (Length: just over 2 inches, head to bottom.) 
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don't think I've gained anything yet. I'll find out next week at my doctors appointment. 

Movement: We have a while before that begins so I'll prob. take this question out till further along.

What I miss: Deli Meat! I know some people don't abide by this, but deli meat can contain the bacteria listeria which can make you and baby really sick. After I get out of the first trimester I will be microwaving some schlotsky's lunch meat. 

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. I think I'm going to need to get one of those body pillows soon, It's hard getting comfortable and trying not to lay on my stomach for practice. I do get up at least 2 times during the night for the potty. 

Symptoms: Still getting a bit of a nauseated feeling in the mornings. I require food as soon as I get up and in small doses till lunch and beyond! I'm hoping there is relief in sight!

Cravings: I have been craving Moe's a lot and can't wait to get my free birthday burrito that I just got in my email! 

Best Moments this week: Seeing progress on all the house renovations, getting close to being done!

What we are looking forward to:  The weekend! My birthday (and Michelle's) is on Sunday so we have some fun planned with dinner, family and Lake Lanier Islands! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE. WISH WE COULD BE HANGING TOGETHER IN PERSON.

Here is a beginning picture of my baby bump (or lack there of one) from 9 weeks. There still isn't really anything there unless I eat a lot of food and then it's just a full stomach lol. 

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leah said...

Love the surveys, can't wait to follow along!!

Mock family said...

yeah, I see nothing yet.... hopefully soon!


Cora and Frank said...

I will love charting progress with you too. There is a lot of good info. here.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN. Have awsome day today. =)

Rachel said...

You look great! Love this post & I think I will copy this format when I get pregnant, too! And Moe's is amazing & I love Chipoltle, too, have you tried it? Yum!

I dont eat deli meat so I dont think I will miss it! I will miss sushi though, thats for sure!

Ginny said...

You are so cute! Thanks for the weekly updates, I feel like I won't miss anything being so far away. (Who am I kidding?)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and Michelle!

Cait said...

aww so fun :) i just came across your blog and its super cute! happy birthday to ya girl! xo

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