Thursday, August 4, 2011

How I Told David

Shortly after returning from my trip to NY I realized that I should have gotten AF (aunt flow for all you not down with the lingo). Sorry if this is all TMI, just scroll down for pic.  I went the next day after work to buy a test. I didn't tell anyone I was going to get one because I really didn't feel like I was pregnant. I mean I guess I kind of did or I wouldn't have purchased the test. I had been taking my bbt (basil body temperature) for a few months just trying to see how regular my cycle was.  Here is what a chart looks like. If you are interested in doing this, definitely use
The red solid line indicates ovulation. Take note that normally people ovulate around day 14 plus or minus a few days, I was later. The dotted line indicates days that I didn't test while in NY. I came back on 14 DPO (Days post ovulation). Normally AF comes for me between 12-14 DPO. So when my temperature was still high on day 15 that's when I took a test. If you get AF your temps go way down again and the cycle starts on day 1 again.
I read the pregnancy kit box and realized that I didn't have to wait till the morning (I thought it was best with fresh morning pee), but technology is awesome and it can be any time. I went and got a plastic bowl to pee in because I wasn't sure I could create a constant flow for 3-5 seconds as the box instructed and I didn't want to chance missing (again, sorry for the TMI, I did throw the bowl away). I dunked the test in and walked away for the 3 minutes it said to wait. I came back and saw the bright red control line and then a not as bright pink line. It wasn't very bright, but it wasn't pale. I start freaking out and saying oh my gosh. I'm pretty sure my hands were shaking and I picked up the phone to call David. I was going to try to surprise him as he was coming home the next night, but I couldn't wait. I told him I had to tell him something and he immediately thought something was wrong. I informed him that nothing was wrong, but I think I might be pregnant. He was in disbelief and said to go down stairs, have dinner, drink a lot of water and we'll meet back in a few hours. So that's what we did, I called David on facetime (thanks Iphones) and set the phone down and peed directly on the stick this time. I was about to do the walk away for 3 minute routine, but then I noticed as I was setting it down that the lines already appeared! David immediately said, "yep, you're definitely pregnant." I took a picture of our reactions on the phone and you're going to love Davids face.

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Jen S said...

Haha David's face is hilarious! Look how excited you are :)

asj said...

aaaaaaah! so exciting. love that you captured it with a picture! gotta love facetime.

the girl in the red shoes said...

So adorable!!! I'm thrilled for you guys!

Chris said...

haha...I love that he told you to go downstairs, have a bite to eat and call back later and David's face is great, kinda like a cross between 'are you serious?!' and 'omg' :p

Marla said...

haha that's great! Love the look on David's face...priceless! :)

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