Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Weekend Update

This weekend was jam packed for us. We went and saw a new baby on Friday night. Congrats to Courtney and David! Saturday morning was a bit brisk so David and I put our hoodies on and hit up some garage sale. David's parents huge subdivision was having their bi-annual garage sale so we remember seeing lots of baby and kids items so we wanted to check it out. It turned up not to be a good sale for that (the spring one is better) but we heard about some consignment sales going on at a local park. We checked it out, but I was too overwhelmed to buy anything. We then headed to the paint store next to get me some paint for the master bedroom. 
We went with Benjamin Moore's Iced Slate Paint (Natura Zero-VOC Interior Paint). We had a great sales guy at Ace Hardware coaching me on paint and technique. He even gave us 10% off as a gift for our new baby to come.
 Here are some before pictures of the room color.
 The After! Tada. Oh, wait it doesn't look like I got anywhere. Well, here's the story with that. David helped me tape 2 walls and then got frustrated about painting (even though he wasn't doing it). Need I remind you about what happened when he was doing touch up painting in the master bathroom. I said that's fine go, I'm good here. So I finished up taping. I couldn't tape the top by the crown molding because the people who painted before got the gold paint up on the crown molding so I had to cover it up, which I will eventually have to paint that white. The color you see up is actually the tinted primer that we have. The guy tinted it to a similar color to make things easier.
 So 3ish hours after we started prepping the room I was ready to start. Well I had to use a ladder because I am too shot (don't worry, I only went 2 steps up) and the motion of my arm being over my head and getting up and down for whatever reason I got hungry and lightheaded and had to stop. I really wanted to make some progress after all that, but that didn't happen. David got mad at me for pushing it and banned me from the painting. We ordered yummy pizza and watched movies the rest of the night. We did look into hiring someone to paint this room and the baby's room (once we figure out what we're doing in there) and they wanted $500.... umm no thanks. I def. regret taking the tape down after hearing that. I decided I was just going to take my time and work on it wall by wall. I was trying to rush and get it done in 1.5 days and that's not going to happen.
 I wanted to see what the color was really going to look like and was hoping it wasn't as blue as the primer. I painted a few little spots just to see. I like how its a more light blue/icy gray color. I think it will work really well.
So that is my painting story. Some other fun tidbits from the weekend are that we borrowed our niece, Ashley's heartbeat monitor for the baby (she just announced shes pregnant, congrats you guys!!) and we got to play around and hear BW's heartbeat. It was very fun, I think I had it on there for 30 mins. David even hooked it up to the stereo so we could listen. And we've sold some items on craigslist. We finally sold most all the tile that we got at the auction, including what we had leftover from our kitchen and bathroom remodel and the lights. We've also sold my beloved armoire!! David is so glad to see it go. He even went the extra mile (well like 30 miles) and delivered it to these people's house and helped them get it up a few steps inside their house. I ended up selling it for $325 (I wanted $400), but I am happy about that. David wanted to let it go for like $100-200. I am glad I stuck to my guns on that one. David also pulled cable (wish I had taken a picture, I have never seen so many cables in my life) for the new tv. Hope you all had a good weekend. Pin It


Jen S said...

Love the colour! Wish I lived next door so I could paint for you. Paint in the shape of a "W" to get the best coverage. Can't wait to see the final room!

Chris said...

I hear you on the painting, plus being preggo doesn't help. $500 is a lot, but if it stops David from speaking in demon languages backwards and keeps his head from spinning around on his shoulders, it might be worth it! :o)

Mock family said...

lol chris

leah said...

I love the bedroom color!! And I definitely think you could find someone to paint for cheaper, look on Craigslist!!

Anonymous said...

On all the shows I see on HGTV I watch they are always using a roller on a long stick (like a broom, without the broom) to do the walls. Esp the walls with tall ceilings. Love the color. Mom

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