Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Randoms

My mom sent us gals in the family a reusable Halloween bag from Wegmans. How awesome is this?! It would be great for groceries, but also trick or treating! Can't beat the .99 price tag. Gotta love Wegmans!
Have you tried the new blogger app. It's pretty great, especially for uploading photos from your phone directly into a blog post. Love it
I uploaded the pumpkin bag photo from my phone and typed the beginning of this post from there last night. 
My brother and I decided that it would be fun to start a fantasy football league with our family. He is in one at work and posted a blog about it and I thought it looked fun. The draft part was a bit fast paced as I had really no idea what I was doing. Week 1 is over and here are the standings. No one did that bad and I am ready to read up on some players and see how I can do better week 2. You can guess which one I am. My sister is in the lead week 1. Go Michelle!
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Chris said...

Woot! I was watching the points until I went to bed around 12:30 last night. I was ahead of dad by about 10, but he still had 2 players with almost 1/2 the game to go...I squeaked out a win! In my work league I had 150pts and was in the lead by about 30 points over there.

Michelle's kicker went out for the season before scoring any points, so she could have had even more points.

Good stuff!

Bob Spryn said...

Wow- your mom actually mailed the bag to you BEFORE Halloween?!

Jen S said...

Ha- sorry that comment was from me (Jen S- not Bob.) His account was logged-on!

Mock family said...

Jen that's HILARIOUS because I thought the same thing!!!

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