Tuesday, September 20, 2011

David Builds a Bunkie Board

This weekend David also built the bunkie board for our bed. In case you have never heard of one (I haven't either till I started googling) It provides support where a box spring or foundation cannot be used due to height limitations, it is useful for bunk beds. We wanted our mattress to sit a little bit higher, but not too high.

The bottom layer of wood slats is what the bed came with. David added the 4 horizontal boards with the mdf on top. He then nailed them together to make a nice platform.
My only issue now is that our mattress does not fully cover this square area so we might lower it a little so it sinks below the bed frame area. The duvet fits and covers most of this, but I'm just obsessing over it all. It was an easy fix that saved us a bunch of money. I love having a handy husband. Sorry he's not pictured at all, he kept walking away so I snapped pictures. Pin It


leah said...

good job David, I've never heard of these! LOVE your headboard by the way!!

asj said...

so handy, can't wait to see the finished product all put together!

Anonymous said...

Jen! You and your sister had bunk beds and bunkie boards. How quickly one forgets! And I get mocked for my forgetfulness. Great Job David!!

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