Friday, March 2, 2012

Auntie's Love

It was great to have my mom stay with us the days after we got back from the hospital and then my sister came in a few days after that. Michelle was a HUGE help and even did night duty with me while David got some rest. She even goes in my closet and does laundry (from start to finish), cleans and does dishes without being asked.  Max is such a lucky boy to have such a loving and caring Auntie who will be back in a few days for a portion of her spring break. We took some photos after the photographer left since we were all dolled up. Enjoy our filmstrip of fun photos we took :)

Max loves his Auntie Michelle!
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leah said...

sisters are seriously the best!!

Mock family said...

Haha love our little filmstrip. Get ready max t- 8 days!

Chris said...

Yay for auntie Shellerific

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