Thursday, November 29, 2012

We Loved Our Time in Texas.

I have been a bit MIA from the blogging since being in TX. I was trying to help soak in my time with little Miss. Hadley and help them out. Let's be honest for a minute though, Mr. Max required a lot more attention than I was able to give to Michelle and Hadley. He wasn't a great sleeper and wanted you to pay full attention to him 24/7. We will miss them when we leave today, but will see them in their new home in Mississippi for Christmas. 
Sisters and our babies! This was from Thanksgiving. 
We put Max in his gingerbread boy outfit after Thanksgiving as it is fair game for anything Christmas at that point. He's started doing this scrunchy nose face for some pictures. Such a cutie, please ignore my face.
He is such a happy boy though despite his lack of sleep these past weeks. We even took him to see Christmas lights at the Ranch here. We drove thru and he really enjoyed it, although he thought it was time to sleep because it was dark out at 6pm. We're ready to throw the baby at see David and get ready to move into our new house. Miss you guys, see you soon!
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Mock family said...

thanks for the help so you guys soon!

Chris said...

LOL...don't throw the baby, well why not...I'm sure he likes that. :o)

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