Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Trip to Visit Hadley

Well it's back to work over here. It's hard to get back in the swing of things after being out for 2 weeks. Here are some photos from our trip to visit little Miss. Hadley.
First time cousins seeing each other for the first time.

Hadley had her newborn photo session while we were there and she was a little cooperative angel. Wait until you see the pictures (we haven't seen them either, but I did catch this one from afar on my phone). 
Hadley also had her first real bath since her cord fell off. She really enjoyed it, not a lot of fussing. 
We dressed her up for Christmas so my mom could take some photos of her and Max together.
Such a precious girl. We miss her already. 
Here are some other phone pics I snapped. Max discovered Hadley's hospital balloon and carried it around for a while. 
Sweet girl taking a yawn. She was so hard to wake up from sleeping to eat.
On Thanksgiving day it was in the 70's and super nice so mom and I went down to the pool to hang out. Max dipped his feet (the water was ice cold) and wanted to go in more, but Gigi held on tight.
We kept Max busy playing outside, found a park to swing at and took lots of walks. Maddie got tired after a while and we put her in the stroller basket. She really enjoyed it more than walking. It was funny.
Gigi and Hadley. We are sad our trip is over, but ready to get back into the routine here. Even more ready to close in 10 days! Hurry up days. Michelle and James will be moving around the same time to Mississippi. Pin It


Mock family said...

What a great blog of recap!! So fun!

Chris said...

Good times.

Chris said...

Opps, submitted before finishing my comment. Hope to see Hadley and Max soon!

leah said...

What an awesome trip. I know you just loved being there... Hadley is so cute and looks like Max did awesome on the trip as well!

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