Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Max Goes to See Santa 2012

This weekend we went to take the little ones to see Santa. David's parents' neighborhood does a picture with Santa thing every year. You just have to bring food to donate and then it was free.  I knew this could go one of two ways.  He would either be in amazement of Santa and his beard or he would do stranger danger scream.
Let me introduce you to stranger danger.  Poor little boy was all dressed up with his puffer green vest and cute shoes, but he wasn't having that so you get nice blue socks.  He was terrified of Santa.  Santa was great though, trying to get me to try again once he was happy and give him the drop and go 3 second rule.
He says "who are you scary white haired man, I don't like you."
Santa decided to cry with Max (not sure this was on purpose or what, it's funny). 
I tried later to get in with Max and he was still not having it, but it came out better than I thought.  I am glad we went and I know I'll look back and think these are hilarious.  Hope I didn't traumatize him too much.
This is what little boys and girls are suppose to do when they see Santa.  Look at cousin Kinsley.  She is so cute in her ruffles. 
So cute!!
We tried to get a photo by this vintage car they had set up for food pantry donations.  We couldn't get them to look and we were too concerned about them falling off.  Gotta love them. I am so glad we got this done (on moving day). Pin It


Mock family said...

Oh max!!! That's great and sad at the same time

Jen S said...

Awww poor Max but it is so funny!

Chris said...

Haha, love it. :p

the girl in the red shoes said...

Even though he is scared of Santa he is SO cute! I love the photos!

Lacey said...

Awwwww TOO CUTE! :) hahaha

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