Monday, December 17, 2012

We Are Officially In!

Before I post I just wanted to address the horrific events that took place in CT on friday. I really have no words, but just thoughts and prayers for those families  I can not even imagine. I held my little boy extra tight this weekend. I can not even fathom sending my little one to school and having them not come back. It's hard to even listen to the news. It's so easy for us to turn it off but for those that have lived it first hand, they can not. I think about them often.

Saturday morning David and family/friends moved our stuff from storage. I had way more stuff than I even remembered. As big as the kitchen is I swear the boxes of kitchen gadgets kept coming.
Max went and saw Santa as well... Pictures to come later this week. I'll leave you with iPhone pics I took from the weekend.
Somebody had fun playing in Molly's bed/crate area. 
On our way to go see Santa, he's already unsure about it. 
He found our plastics cabinet we had set up to let him play in. He had fun climbing and throwing everything out of it.
Last night we had a cheers to the new place. I picked out a bottle of champagne when we went to the Biltmore while I was pregnant. I've been waiting for a good celebration and this was it. It was fantastic. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am trying to get organized for the upcoming Christmas festivities and trip to MS. Pin It

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Unknown said...

Haha, my daughter loves playing in the dog crate too!

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