Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Max is 10 Months Old!

Our little boy isn't so little anymore. He is 10 months old! 
Stats- I have no new updates on the stats, but he is a growing boy.  I love how cute he looks in his PJ's. 
New Development- Max is pulling up on everything still and his new thing is trying to climb everything. He tries to climb on tables, couches, people, you name it. He has been trying to go from the coffee table to the couch and letting go in between to catch himself.
So I thought his top tooth was just about pushing through last update, but I was wrong!  For the last 4 weeks both the top incisor teeth have been trying to come in and they really were being stubborn. Well, they JUST came in a few days ago, right in time for his 10 month b-day. (December 9). They look rather large and I can't get a photo, but when I do I will share for sure.
Personality- He is such a fun boy. He is extremely happy unless he is tired or mad you took something away from him that he wanted (like cords and things of the sort).  He loves to play ball with Molly, eat  read books, be outdoors, go on walks and crawl around rapidly.  He is so fast that you have to be right on him or he'll be up the stairs or in the fireplace.
He likes to look at you and give you this look like I am about to do something naughty so you better be paying attention. 
Don't worry, Gigi was behind the couch in case he went over, but he was just climbing for fun. So athletic at this age already (he didn't get it from me). 
His hair is getting pretty long and it gets all crazy after he sleeps. I love it. It's still a dirty blonde color and pretty straight.
Eating- He is bf'ing morning and night and having 2 bottles (of formula) during the day with Gigi.  He loves real food still. Some of his favorites are avocados, shredded/cut up chicken, spaghetti/lasagna, really anything you put in front of him.  He enjoys eating off his high chair more than us feeding him with a spoon. He is still loving his water from a straw sippy.  He gets so excited when you give it to him.  Such a good boy.
Sleeping- He still goes to sleep at 7:30am and gets up around 6:30/7 but ever since we got back from TX his bad habits continued and every other day he has been waking up crying around 11pm or 2am.  I try to let him cry it out for a few, but you can tell when he is extremely upset and won't calm down.  I go in and try to comfort him, but all he wants to do is eat (prob. just to console not really hungry). I feed him quick, put him back and he is good to go until the morning.  I really think it's because of his teeth bothering him and some nights he doesn't stir at all.
He is napping twice a day still around 9:30/10 and 2:30pm for around an hour-hour and a half. Still those unlucky times where you only get 35mins.
At David's parents house they have their Christmas tree up and Max is not sure about it.  It lights up on and off and he is intrigued. 
Then he gets really scared and clings. 
Such a cutie pie.
He can now touch the lights and ornaments and get excited, but only if you are holding him secure enough. The trip to go try and see Santa this weekend ought to be fun.  He is in total stranger danger mode.  He is going with his cousin Kinsley so maybe he will cooperate.
-He is in size 3 diapers (pampers cruisers)
-He is wearing size 12 month clothes, but can still fit in the 9 month stuff sometimes.
-Christmas cards are mailed out and I can't wait to show you ours soon. Much more fun when Max is in the photo (actually we've never sent out cards before).
-Today is closing day on our new house and we are pumped! We had the final walk-thru last night and everything is in order! Pin It


Chris said...

So cute he is...hope to see him soon, such a little personality! And congrats on the closing, almost time to have your own new exciting place again! :o)

leah said...

Loved his update. Can't believe how big he is getting! Congrats on closing today can't wait to hear about it!!

Mock family said...

He's going to see Santa?! That should be interesting

kaizengirl said...

New follower...found you through mommy confessions. Loved those about bfeeding!

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