Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Goals

I am ready to write down some of my goals.  2013 is going to be a year of catch up for me.  Last year was focused on Max and now that he is a bit more independent and is napping/sleeping on a consistent schedule it will allow me to finish/start things I've been wanting to do.  So in no particular order here are my goals.  They may seem like a to do list, but it'll help me to get them done.  I've seen people break down their goals and put them in monthly format so I might end up doing that at some point.

Photos, photos, photos-
I need to make a pregnancy photo book
I also need to do Max's baby book, yep haven't started one. Shame on me. Good thing I have this blog where I've written everything down.
Have printed maternity photos, newborn pics, others to display around the house

I'd really like to take a class on learning the in's and out's of my camera and photo usage.
Finally got a pic showing his teeth.  Don't mind the food stuck to his face.
Socialize Max more
I want to start having my mom take him to story time, music play and out and about to start integrating with children more.  He likes to play with them, but has started to want to eat them (seriously).

Career Focus-
Find a job/company to invest significant time with.  I am not a job hopper, I like staying put and focusing on one place and learning everything I can there.  I would like to find a company that matches the culture I am used to and a job that is fun, yet challenging with great people.

Sort/Organize/Declutter paperwork-
A lot of this is from the move and living in 3 diff. places the past year, but I need to organize the stack of paper that David throws stacks in the office.  I'd like a great organizational piece for mail and bills.

I'd like for us to really commit to going to a church.  We have been to one that we like, but it's easy to make excuses of other things we have to do when it's time to go.  It's closer by now with the move and Max is old enough for day care there so it's time to hold ourselves accountable.
I really liked this color while I browsed pinterest.
Since our new house didn't need a lot of work right away we have decided to leave the original wall colors and resist the urge to upgrade all of our existing furniture and decorations.  As soon as funds provide we'd like to redo the basement first, but I would eventually like to redecorate all the rooms.  So I want to carefully plan each room of the house (probably using pinterest and houzz) to make it more homey/personalized without rushing to get it done. Even if that means living with mostly bare walls for now.  Since this will be our long term house I want to really put thought into it.
Well, Max is right, we (my brother) did paint his closet and will be adding the vinyl wall decals to make his room similar to his nursery in the old house. Pin It


Anonymous said...

I loved this post, and was ROFL when I read the bit about Max wanting to eat the kids he meets! It's a lot funnier when you have seen it in real life (seriously)!!!! Love G

Chris said...

Haha...and yes, he is definitely ready when the Zombie apocalypse comes! Good job on getting your goals down and good luck with getting em done!

leah said...

I love all your goals and am sure you'll accomplish them! We are trying to do the same for our house-- really concentrate on picking paint colors that can last a while and only put up artwork that we love. I love that bathroom color too-- and am thinking we're going to do our master in one lighter shade (morning fog). I can't wait to see your place!!

Sara McCarty said...

Excellent goals! I love the first, photos, photos, GOOD photos! I've got a great blog post coming up (hopefully this week) on taking better photos. Make sure to stop by!

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