Monday, January 14, 2013

Max is 11 Months Old!

Our wild man is 11 months old! Next month he will be 1. Where has the time gone. Doing the 2012 year in review was a nice look back because I really got to see what we did the past year.

Stats- Nothing new to report here. We don't go back for a check up until after his 1st birthday. 

New Development-
Max LOVES to dance.  His activity center has so much music and sounds that he'll just crawl over, stand up, press the button and start wiggling his butt. My brother posted about it and included a video here.  He'll dance when any music comes on TV or our phones, sometimes it's just putting his hands up in the air and moving them in a waving fashion. 
Personality- He is just a happy, fun boy. He loves to smile, laugh and get into trouble.  He likes when we sneak up behind him as he's crawling while making loud noises with our feet like "we're going to get you."  He laughs a huge uncontrollable belly laugh and thinks it's the best ever. We love listening to him.
Don't worry, I lost the monthly stickers AGAIN. I have 2 sets somewhere, but in the move they got lost.  I'm sure we put them somewhere to keep them safe so we could find them easily and we have no clue where that is so I made my own. That'll have to do (I know it's too small, but oh well).
He does great with standing up and cruising the furniture to get what he wants (usually Molly).
We caught him climbing the back of the couch using Molly's toy cube.
 He is fully off the ground here. Strong little boy. 
His hair is still a dirty blonde color and his gorgeous blue eyes just melt you every time.
He also loves his pacci now.  It's his new best friend and he goes every where with it. If it keeps him happy, we're fine with him having it.
Eating- He loves to eat still which we are so thankful for.  He eats anything we give him. He is still bf'ing morning and night and once I am done feeding him he is constantly eating until his first nap.  It's usually cheerios and banana for a snack and baby oatmeal and fruit mixed in for breakfast.  We've tried introducing a little yogurt and he also loves my smoothie I posted on friday.  For lunch it's usually leftover dinner from the night before.
His favorites are avocados, black beans, chicken, lunch meat, bread and carrots (steamed).  Dinner is whatever we have cut up in pieces for him to pick up.  He has started feeding Molly when he is done eating, he'll toss some off the side of his tray and then go back to eating and rotates.  Molly is thankful. He is now signing "all done."  He has gotten really good with it except he started doing it with anything he wants.  If he wanted water he'll do the signal for all done as well.  We're getting there though.
Sleeping- He goes to bed around 7:30pm still after his bath and sleeps until around 6ish.  He started doing in the 5am a few days last week but we've been back in the 6:15-6:30am lately. He naps twice a day still with the morning nap usually lasting 1.5-2 hours (on weekends, shorter during the week) and the afternoon around an hour.
Favorite toys and activities- He loves riding in his car, playing with legos, stacking cans, playing in his plastics cupboard, his activity center and Molly.
Randoms- He is in size 12 month clothes and PJ's. 
He still only says Dadada and Dat (for dad and molly), no mama still.  He loves to "help" David when he puts anything together or fixes things.  It's adorable.
No new teeth yet.
Size 3 Diapers
His legs look so long here, probably because it's been so cold he hasn't shown his legs that often lately.
This was seconds before our photo shoot ended because someone toppled over the chair and onto the floor. He was okay, but that was enough for me. Pin It


Jen S said...

What a cutie pie! Would love to hear the belly laugh.

Mock family said...

haha max toppled over, sounds about right. I was also thinking his legs looked long as well! what a cutie!! yeah let's get a video of that belly laugh!

Ashley said...

He is such a handsome guy! Love the dancing picture :)

Chris said...

Haha...he's so fun. Love the pics and that last one made me lol...Such a personality! :o)

Marla said...

Love that last picture....too cute!!

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