Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Randoms Instagram Style

This weekend we did a little bit of everything.  If you follow me on instagram (jens871, and you should) then you have already seen some of these.
David came back in from out of town Friday evening and brought me home yummy chocolate (brownies, cookie, chocolate covered pretzel and a smores something or other).
David and Max have been having daddy and son mornings out the past couple Saturdays. Sometimes they go to home depot or Walmart and get some things done. I am loving it because it gives me a chance to sleep in and David really likes to hang with Max one-on-one. They even made a big breakfast for us on Sunday, too.  Love my boys.
Max and Kerry
We had some friends over for dinner Saturday night and enjoyed the nice weather Sunday. We also print, cut and got Max's birthday invitations ready to mail.  Too bad no mail goes out today, guess I could have slowed down.  Wait till you see how cute they are.
My mom has also started to watch Kinsley a few days a week and Max is loving having a playmate.  Kinsley on the other hand is not too sure yet.
Happy Monday.  Hope you have a great, fast week!
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Jen S said...

I love how Molly is hanging out waiting for food to fall on the floor.

Unknown said...

Your blog is so absolutely adorable. First thing I noticed were the feel. Touched my heart! So cute!!

Glad I stumbled upon you and your blog. *handshake* Nice to meet you.

Nike O.

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