Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Girl Nursery Brainstorm

I've been very go with the flow this time around with all things baby girl, hence she still doesn't have a name at all. I also didn't really start planning a nursery because I don't know when she'll be when. My mom is in the room the nursery will be most likely (we like location and such) so the basement has to be done for us to move baby girl in so no rush. I also knew I didn't want a full on pink room, but still very girly. Well my awesome neighbor asked if I had any nursery theme and I said no a few months ago  and she offered up a pottery barn set she had from a while ago. She tried to consign it, but they didn't want to offer her barely anything so she saved it for a better home. I feel honored she asked if I wanted it. Once I found out one of the main colors in the bedding set was purple I started pinning. I didn't want a purple room, and I just LOVE molding/chair rails so this is the perfect inspiration for baby girl.
She will have the white crib and I am thinking of doing the frames/chair rails like this.
Here are some shots of the actual crib bedding.

I love how it's not all purple and there are other colors like green, blue, yellow and white.
She sent over the crib skirt (left), bumper, pillow, sheets, sheer curtains and lamp shade.
Close up! So pretty.
I would also love to do curtains like this buffalo checkered in the purple and white if I could find material.
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Sara McCarty said...

Love that bedding and love your inspiration! Purple is such a fun color to use. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! So exciting!

Mock family said...

I'm loving everything about these photos!

Jen S said...

Is the purple bringing back ESS memories?

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