Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Day of School

 Max's last day of school was a few weeks ago. He was pretty excited to take these pictures so I went for it. Gigi just came back from Alaska so he wore his new shirt.

They supplied them with bags so we had him carry his instead of his backpack which he uses at home and when we go out.
He's just so cute! He finally stopped crying when he went to school the month of May haha. He really got better and was fine, but it took longer than I thought. They had a water play day a few days before the last day and I met my sister and Hadley there. It's always nice to be invited to see what your child does when you're not there. He interacts really well and is a lot more independent. The teachers are fantastic and I'm glad he's going to go 3 days a week starting in August. This will be good timing as Little miss will be born in June and I'll be taking care of her while my mom is still running around with Max. When I go back to work Max will have started school for 3 days so it won't be as hard for mom to manage 2 kids all week.

 This was his official school picture! Can't get better than that so of course I had to buy it! 
  My buddy looks so much bigger now even though it's only been 4 months!
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