Monday, May 19, 2014

Max and Hadley's First Aquarium Visit

A few weekends ago while my sister came to town we went to the aquarium with the kids. It's been on our bucket list for a little while and we found some great discount tickets via travel zoo so off we went. The kids were free so we were set.
Max was very interested in all the big fish.

Look at his face, we just love him.
I'd say he's pretty excited.
James came in for the weekend so his little girl wouldn't go to the aquarium for the first time without him. His friends from SC also were in town for a little vaca so it was great to get together with everyone.
I realize I look gigantic here, but it's because the shirt is not a maternity shirt and sticks out.
Max was pretty into touching the sting rays. You can see Hadley in the background also trying.
Having fun with daddy who probably had more fun than Max!
The kids had the most fun in this little play area with windows that showed through. We could have just left them there all day.

I mean, just look at Hadley's face. This could also be where Hadley contracted the stomach bug/colds that we also got the next week.  haha
Matthew and Max were buddies and kept wanting to climb on everything, typical boys!
Talking to each other.
Beluga Whales

Penguins! Max was over things at this point so I just made sure we documented all the fun exhibits we saw.
He did enjoy the dolphin show although it got a bit dark for him and he kept asking for the lights to turn on.
On our way out we did one last exhibit where the aquariums go up and over head. Cool photos. Max liked the moving floor ride the best.

Group pic of everyone! We also enjoyed the best pizza in Atlanta (Antico Pizza) and a little Ikea trip. Max wasn't having a nap in there so we sat in the car for the 2nd half of the Ikea trip, but that's ok we live here. We'll definitely wait a bit next time as Max's patience wore out pretty quick. We did get there right around 9 when it opened at left around 12-12:30pm for lunch.
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Chris said...

So fun, he was so excited! :o)

Sara McCarty said...

What a fun adventure for the littles! I wish we had an aquarium here. We have a tiny one at home and Mac loves watching the fish. I know he'd love something like this. Also, you do not look gigantic! You look amazing!

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