Thursday, May 15, 2014


Well we had a lovely sprinkle for baby girl on Saturday and ever since then it's been down hill at our house. Actually it started early that week for the kids and my sister. Stomach bugs, colds, snotty messes, coughs, sleepless nights, double ear infections. You name it we have all had it. It's never ending it seems. Thank goodness it's spaced out enough to have one of us available to take care of Max (usually my mom- we wouldn't make it without her or my sister when she was here). Max is on the up swing and hopefully we all are too. My head is just stuffy/full and my chest hurts to cough. Sorry about being MIA. I have posts to put up but all that sounds good is my bed so hopefully soon. Being sick and pregnant is not fun. This one is a doozy. Send over the hazmat cleaning team. 
Big thank you to David's parents for bringing us a sick basket filled with all the essentials to feeling better, plus more fruit that isn't pictured! 

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Sara McCarty said...

Oh, so sorry to hear this mama. Hang in there. Being sick while pregnant is the worst. Trust me, I feel your pain. Sending healthy vibes your way!

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