Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Colette is 4 months old

My pretty princess is 4 months old already!
Height: 24" (39%)
Weight: 14 lbs 12.5 oz (72%)
Head Circ.: 15 3/4 (23%)
She's slimmed down on the percentages, but still growing nicely. I mean look at those rolls still!
Personality- She is just the happiest baby on the block for sure! She is always coooing, talking back to us and smiling. Such a difference between when Max was her age. I was just reading back on his 4 month post and he always had to be doing something and we can just leave baby girl on the floor and she is happy talking or eating her hands.

Developments- Her hands are always in her mouth. She will put your fingers in her mouth and bite down pretty hard. Lots of drool. She is getting really good at grabbing at toys and pulling them to her mouth. She loves her feet too!
She also rolls still from back to front all the time. She enjoys tummy time and just looking all around. 

Sleeping- Right around the 4 month mark she was beginning to regress on sleeping. She went from waking up 1 time a night to 2 even when swaddled. I read about this and it really is a thing. I decided I would take away the swaddle since she was waking up with or without it. We went with a zipadeezip squirrel suit I like to call it (mom found it on shark tank). The concept is that the startle reflux isn't that noticeable because their arms don't fly up with the range of motion it allows.
She gets up for the day around 7-7:30am and takes swing naps during the day still. She then gets one last cat nap around 6-6:30pm then when she gets up she gets some oatmeal cereal, a bath and bedtime around 7:30/8pm. Then she is up twice on a bad night and once on a good night. She's just so cute and I still like the night time feedings so I'm not in a rush right now to try CIO. She goes down so easily after that it's ok. 
Eating- She is eating around 4 ounces each feeding with 3 pumped bottles of breast milk while I am at work. She takes a bottle really well and no issues going back and forth. She eats around 7/7:30, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7:30pm and middle night feedings. She loves the oatmeal as you can see above. Most of it ends up outside of her mouth, but she still opens and makes noises indicating more.
I'll have to compare Max's first cereal pics for you. One major difference is that Colette has officially lost any blue in her eyes! Our Max was as blue as blue could be!
-We moved to size 3 diapers recently (honest company). I have to use pampers 12 hour night dry diapers at night because she drinks so much she's wetting out of them.
-She's wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing. 3 month is very snug. 
-Her eyes are more hazel than brown
-Although Max had darker hair at this point, her eyebrows are way darker than his was so I think she will be keeping the dark features (there's still hope for her looking like one of us!)
-She loves her bath and it's so funny to watch her move her legs so fast.
-Max still is the best big bro ever. Lots of kisses are being given and he's very patient with her.
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Jen S said...

She's so adorable. Glad you have a happy girl!

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