Monday, October 20, 2014

David's Aunt Linda Comes For a Visit

David's Aunt Linda came into town from the Chicago area this past week to visit and for a work convention. We're so glad she was able to come see us and have dinner. Thanks to Cora and Frank for bringing the dinner! Darrin, Stacey and the kids came over to visit also (you can see Austin peeking his head out over in the top of the pic). David took some candid photos and I saw him snapping them so I posed.
Colette enjoyed some time eating her hands and bouncing around.
Max was being bribed to eat veggies by watching tv (as usual).

Sister photo! Aren't they just the cutest?!

Colette decided to freak out during the photo, but she's still cute.
David had issues getting the camera lighting correct, but at least we have a few photos!

Max was being shy and wouldn't take a photo until they both pretended (well you can see who was pretending and who was really doing it) to pick their nose.

Thanks for visiting and always reading my blog, Aunt Linda! Hope to see you again really soon!
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