Thursday, October 2, 2014

Swim Class Graduation

I finally got my computer situated with the photo situation. I had too many photos bogging down my hard drive so I transferred them and now it's running much faster and I can blog again! This will just be a quick post, but I wanted to make sure I documented. Max took survival type swim lessons from Middle May until August. It started off a little rough and ended pretty rough, but in the middle he really enjoyed it!
Their goal is to teach them what to do in case they fall in to pools and swim without floats. Max can jump in, swim and turn over onto his back on his own. He's still working on flipping back over to keep swimming. The lessons are only in 15 minute increments and they take approx. 35 lessons. In order to graduate you have to wear spring clothes (shorts, t-shirt, shoes) and winter clothes (pants, light jacket, sneakers) and swim in the water. They make small waves so the water goes over your face and see how you handle it, they flip you over slowly to imitate you falling in the water, etc.. The testing was a bit intense to watch. Max is a screamer and it echos inside there. He did pretty well and I wasn't looking for him to ace the test, but he was just over the lessons so we wanted to graduate and move on for now. He passed both tests and got his t-shirt and tag! We enjoyed going to lessons in the summer even with Colette. Mom and I would both go and Colette slept through it most days. It was nice to get out of the house for a little bit. He should take maintenance lessons, but we will prob. take the refresher type classes beginning next year. I posted a video on instagram a few months ago and I'll try to find it to post again.Yay Max!
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