Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

Sorry this post is really long. I wanted to document all the details. The gender reveal party prep started the night before by us making cupcakes and inserting the secret colored filling.
We just used food coloring and frosting for the light blue filling. I got tired by this point and David took over.
I decided to confuse everyone and mix up pink cupcake liners, blue frosting and pink toppers.
They came out great!
I started decorating with the decor on our front door. Lacey did all the graphic work for me with the letters, menu cards, signs, etc.. Thanks Lacey!!
We set up a dessert table with cookies, brownies, candy and of course the cupcakes. I had to explain to the kids that the cupcakes had to be eaten all together and not as they wanted them. I did count them at various points during the evening.
For the food and drink table, I made my award winning Chili, chips and salsa and pink and blue punch. Punch Recipes- 
Raspberry Pink Lemonade (you really can't go wrong with punch, just mix up and taste along the way)-
1 two-liter bottle of pink lemonade
1 frozen raspberry lemonade mix
3 cups water
1 two-liter sprite
Tropical Blue Punch (these proportions depend on the container of the punch so just start tasting)
1/2 bottle of big tropical punch (it was a huge blue bottle of tropical punch)
1/2 2 liter of sprite
3 cups white grape juice (the recipe called for white cranberry juice, I couldn't find any)
5 scoops of vanilla ice cream
I got these puff balls (assembly required) from Party City and used them throughout the house.
I made a clothesline decoration with cut out bibs and socks and I put 1 ultra sound pic on there. I wanted to add the new ones, but most of them were of BW's boy parts so that would have given it away. The poster board is for the wives tale game.
One of the main attractions for the night was our video station. David had it hooked to our big TV and used an app to video through his iphone that you see on the ledge. Big props to Google +. We were able to video with 7 different groups of people in 7 different states (GA, NY, TX, FL, AK, NC, CO). Very fun. My brother is sporting his team blue shirt in the video above.
I wanted to give a shout out to all our online viewers. My sister helped keep the online chat going, Chris and Marla, My cousin, Christie, My sisters husband, James, My moms party in NY, and Jen and Bob in Colorado.
I also set up another little station for people to suggest a boy or girl name and we read through them later in the party.
We were ready for the game. I read a list of wives tales (for example, If baby's heartbeat is above 140, then you're having a girl) and David put these little onesies I cut out onto the boy or girl side. Yes, I had a microphone. We had 20 something people at our house and the video feeds had about the same.
The results were almost even, with a hint more on the girl side.
 It was now time for everyone to gather their cupcakes. 
I was trying to make sure my mom wasn't eating hers already in front of everyone on the big screen (you can kind of see her in the video). I had cupcakes made at a bakery up there with blue filling the day before so they could participate. Then we said 1-2-3! This screen shot is from Jen's computer. You can see they were having their own side bar convos because it was hard to hear.
Here are photos of the guests and their reactions!
David's speech.
BW even got some unexpected gifts! He is already so spoiled. Don't worry, Erin was so confident in girl that she brought 2 gifts with her, 1 pink and 1 blue! So funny. Thanks!!
Thanks Gina for your photos, I stole a bunch of the reaction photos from her facebook.
The 2 preggos. Ashley (our niece) is due 3 weeks behind me. She just found out she is having a girl! How cute is that going to be. 
David was the most excited of all.  A little David running around is going to be so cute.

Baby W is a BOY! from Bob Spryn on Vimeo.
Here is a video that Jen & Bob took of us playing the game and then the big reveal. You can see mom eat her cupcake and then there was a little confusion by some who did not have the cupcake, but it is great to have this recorded. David's speech is cute also. You can skip to 3:30 in the video to see the reveal. Thanks for capturing this! It was a very fun party. Thanks for everyone that came for the fun reveal in person and on the web! Pin It


asj said...

so fun, looks like a great time and that's awesome you were able to video chat people in!

leah said...

Y'all are so high tech I swear. LOVE IT, sad we had to miss the party but SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR LITTLE BOY!!!

the girl in the red shoes said...

What a cute party! I love all of the little details. And I agree with Leah...you guys are so high tech! I'm so glad everyone got to participate!

Rachel said...

Ive seen these before and I think its such a cute idea! I love the idea of having people skype in an watching the revel! I think Im going to do mine (planning waaaay ahead of course!) as a surprise and just invite people over for a dinner party and when they get there it will be a gender revel party! thats my plan right now of course, could change when the time comes!

Lacey said...

Oh my gosh this was so cute!! I loved all of your little details! I'm so glad your family from all over got to participate! Yay baby boy!!

Ashley Dumheller said...

This was the cutest idea ever!!! We had so much fun! Its one of those parties you want to tell everyone about the next day! && YAY for boy!!!!

Mock family said...

best virtual party I've ever been to!

Chris said...

Me too! Good times!

Anonymous said...

Talk about a party! It really was the best ever and to have 7 different states altogether was amazing. I felt like I was at your party. Should have known the BW really would mean Boy Warchol.
Yay for Baby Boy!! Mom

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