Monday, October 17, 2011

Vote for Your Favorite Crib

I've been doing a lot of research on cribs (reading my up-to-date baby bargains book) and taking notes. I have learned SO much about cribs. I have educated my family about them and will share some tidbits of info for you here. Keep in mind, these are my opinions based on what the book said and me looking at the actual cribs in-store. All cribs whether I/the book recommend them or not have to pass safety standards and they all do if they are on the market. The book groups cribs into 3 levels: Entry Level (Good value for the money, but may not last as long as you'd like), Mid Range and High Level. Some examples of entry level include some $100 IKEA cribs and Graco Lauren at Target/BRU (babies-r-us).

It's best to find cribs made mostly of solid wood. The lower priced cribs most likely use pine, but its a soft wood and could scratch more easily. Be on the look out for MDF in the cribs, you want to avoid this if at all possible. The glue that binds the MDF together contains formaldehyde, which can cause sinus/allergies and worse off is a known probable human carcinogen. Make sure you visit these cribs in-store even if you order online because you won't notice how well it's built. Make sure you lift up the crib mattress to see how it holds the mattress. You want metal springs or wooden slats, but a lot of crib makers try to use MDF to get the price point lower.

My grandma has generously offered to purchase a crib for BW and I have decided to go with a mid range option. I went in-store and these are my choices for you to vote on. We are also going with white.
#1- Babi  Italia Eastside Lifestyle Crib

  I like the classic look that it has and the little details.
Room View
#2- Babi Italia Classic Crib
This one has higher sides with lower front and middle with similar details.
#3- Baby Cache Heritage Crib

This one has a lot of ornate details (look at the columns). I am just not sure if its too much, in-store they looked a bit over the top. The matching dresser was also quite large. Reminds me of more of a Victorian style. This is the top recommended mid-range crib from the book.
Room view

So, which one is your favorite?

Also, FYI- Crib brands they don't recommend- 
Delta (sold at target, BRU)
Dorel (sold as Jardine @ BRU)
DaVinci (made by Million Dollar Baby)
Baby Letto- They rated B's, but have soft pine and Graco is better compared to Davinci and baby letto
Storkcraft (sold as Dwell Studio at Target) They love mdf.

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Brooke said...

I vote for the Baby Cache Heritage crib. You won't have to buy another bed in a few years since it converts to a full size bed. This is similar to the set Madeline has and I love it!

asj said...

They're all so cute but I think I like the Babi Italia Eastside Lifestyle Convertible Crib best!

Mock family said...

I like 1 or 3!

Marla said...

I like #1!!

Stacey said...

I like the classic look of #2, it is beautiful. Plus, your son will not want white furniture after the baby years. If he is anything like his father, he will cut down a few trees and build his own bunk bed by the time he is two.

Chris said...

They all look the same to me. :p

Linda said...

For a boy, and with the bedding, I like #1!

Anonymous said...

1st time, soon to be grandma votes for #1.

Ashley Drumheller said...

Love Love Love # 3 !

Ashley Drumheller said...

Love Love Love # 3 !

Gina said...

I am def w Stacey on this one! I love her comment! Crib 2 is my vote also. It seems to have the highest sides, at the end of the day you want the baby safe, and were talking about David's son who is going to try and repel outta there before he is even 1!!!! He has to, he has trees to chop down, and a new bed to build before he's two. Love, G

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