Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby Registering Tips

I first want to preface this by saying that I am in no way an expert on anything baby yet. These opinions are my own and of my research done by reading the book Baby Bargains and browsing hundreds of online reviews from BRU and amazon. With that being said, this is just some things I have learned about the process.
-Do your research. You don't want to be wandering around BRU/Target not knowing what half the items are in the store. You can google babies R us registry items or something similar to see what they recommend ahead of time. I read the newest edition of Baby Bargains. They taught me what all the baby terms are and what you really need and what you could live with out. They help you do it on a budget and it's a great reference.

-Get to the store as soon as it opens (if going on the weekend). We got there right at 9am and were crowd free until 11am, then the floods of people started coming in. Getting there early allowed us to pick up the car seats/ strollers and play with them.
-Start with the big items that you know you need to see in store like car seats, strollers, pack and plays, any furniture, mattresses or baby carriers. Make sure you can lift, open/close and maneuver the baby items. Once you get the big things taken care of you can fill in with the rest, if you run out of time you can find the rest online.

-Speaking of online, you can add/delete and fix your registry online when you get home. We had a bunch of car seats that I liked, but wasn't sure on the reviews so I just scanned 3 or 4 and went online to research the reviews after and deleted the ones I didn't like.

-Come with snacks/water. It's a little exhausting in a fun way, but I had to take a water and snack break to re-energize.
-Don't be afraid to register for diapers and allow the gift card feature. Baby goes through a lot of diapers and it's great to specify the brand, if you have a preference. Any little bit can help.

Like I said before, I have done my research on specific baby items and I have a 6 page document that I can email anyone that is interested. Just comment below with your email address and I will send it out. You can also look at my registry for suggestions (if you don't know my last name, send me a comment with your email). Pin It


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I would love for you to send me the research you have done. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I would love for you to send me the research you have done as well please!


The Mannings said...

I would like to see your list. I did a bunch of research before buying all my stuff but I am curious to see if things have changed in 2 1/2 years.


Brooke said...

I would love to see the research you've done! Thank you so much for sharing.


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