Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Weekend in Macon!

We got to Macon Friday afternoon and David studied for a little while before we headed to dinner. I choose a pizza place that had some good reviews online. We went to Ingleside Village Pizza. You order at the front and then just sit down and they bring it out. It got pretty crowded, but luckily we got there just in time.
 I heard that we were suppose to order the bread sticks so we did and they did not disappoint! They had some buttery garlic sauce over them, seasoning and Parmesan cheese with a side of marinara sauce. They were magnificent.

We went with a medium pizza since we didn't have a refrigerator in the room and I could barely finish 2 pieces (we had side salads as well).
It was great tasting food at great prices. I think we spent around $15 for bread sticks, 2 side salads and a medium 1 topping pizza. If you are in Macon, def. check that place out.
 I hung around the room on Saturday reading my baby books and listening to my audio book. If you haven't read the Hunger Games, Catching Fire and  Mockingjay then you really need to. David's exam ended at about 6pm and I caught his reaction before we headed to dinner.
No matter what the scores come back like (he waits 8-10 weeks), I'm so proud of all the effort and studying David has done!

 It was now time to let loose and relax! We stopped off in the lobby for a nice beverage. Cheers! We went to dinner at the Downtown Grill and it was excellent!! Very nice atmosphere, great food, knowledgeable servers. I'd def. recommend. Thanks for the recommendation, Brooke! Sorry no pics, it was too nice of a place to whip out the camera phones.
I really wanted to go swimming in the indoor pool so we came back after dinner and headed down. Of course the pool was waaaay too cold for me and prego's can't go in the hot tub so I stuck my toesys in and watched David enjoy it for me. He deserves it and we had as much fun as you can for a big test weekend in Macon! Pin It


Chris said...

Yummy, pizza looks good and hope David passed and can put that behind him for good! Sucks having to spend so much time studying for an exam like that!

Brooke said...

I love IVP too! I haven't had those bread sticks in way too long. Glad you liked Downtown Grill.

leah said...

That pizza looks amazing. Love your belly shot pic! Glad y'all had a great weekend... know David is so excited to RELAX now!

leah said...

p.s. and by "relax" I mean put together the crib, changing table, and all nursery decorations :) haha

Lacey said...

I know David is glad he doesn't have to study anymore!! I'm glad you both had a great weekend in Macon! The restaurants you went to looked delicious!

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