Monday, November 28, 2011

NY Baby Shower

We had a shower for baby Max the day after Thanksgiving in NY. Michelle and David had fun with the games, they made them minute to win it style (with most coming from the actual game).
Here they are practicing them all. They decided to fill their bottles with beer (not a good idea) if you drop them, they start foaming and spewing out everywhere! Michelle found she was pretty good at most of them.
Time for the shower to begin. Mommy and Daddy to be photo.
They did a great job with the decor. The theme was our colors of blue and lime green (nursery colors). Sandie made animal sugar cookies with ducks, elephants, turtles and bears! So cute.
Next we played the minute to win it baby shower games. We did the Kleenex game (David suggested baby wipes, but I was afraid it'd get too messy), Vaseline cotton ball nose game, baby block stacker and baby bottle drinking game.
Everyone had fun routing their teams on and participating. Great idea for shower games. I also wanted to share that little Delilah (seen in the photo in red tights) thought we were going to wash the baby because we were having a shower for him. She kept wanting to know when he was going to come out. So cute.
Baby Max is already spoiled. He got so many great little clothes, a homemade crocheted blanket, baby furniture and gift cards for us to purchase things down here. We overstuffed our suitcases and just love looking at all the little goodies.
Even Mima (that's the name my mom has requested for grandma) got a gift.
Thanks to my sister and mom for hosting a great shower. We missed you Chris and Marla! I also had a wardrobe issue where my dress was too tight and Michelle's was too loose so we swapped. So fun.
Mom and the girls after the shower.

I can't believe we are 28 weeks (at the time of the shower). It's about to get super busy these last couple of months! Thanks to all my NY family for coming and showering baby Max. Pin It


Jen S said...

Aww Mima. Looked like lots of fun games!

leah said...

What a fun shower!! Max got hooked up!!

Lacey said...

What an awesome shower! Your mom and sister did a great job! I loved all of the games, they looked like so much fun! Glad you got so many cute things for Baby Max!

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