Monday, November 14, 2011

Let the Shopping and Projects Begin!

This weekend we did a lot of shopping and projects around the house. 
BW got a few outfits from Carters outlet. This was the first time I've purchased any clothes for the munchkin, but his auntie sure hasn't forgotten about him. I need to do a separate post to show you all the cute clothes Michelle has gotten him. My favorite is a shirt that says Vroom Vroom Off to Aunties!
David got some new shirts as well. Some great sales were going on because of Veterans day.
We then made our way to IKEA where we purchased a down comforter, some frames for BW's room and some new dishes in an eggplant color (we decided $25 for a 6 piece dish set was worth trying, our current set has so many chips in it that it's embarrassing to use and those weren't cheap).
David switched out the white fan that came in our room to the nice dark brown one that was in BW's room.
The fan will go much better with the white furniture in the baby's room.
 The darker fan for our room.
 We also got a new light for the kitchen. Since our table isn't centered over the light area we went with one that will maximize the lighting in the space.
 As you see the massive yucky light still up, we will be working on getting some recessed lighting in that space in the coming weeks!
We also purchased a glider for BW's room from craigslist. This is a Dutailier glider that retails for around $1,100-$1,300 new for both and we got it for $300. It def. needs a professional upholstery cleaning, but I think it will come out looking brand new. The color is a cream/sage so I think it will go great in the nursery. It is super comfortable and such a durable long standing brand. Sorry these pics are bad quality, they were from the listing on my phone, I didn't take pictures of it yet.
So as you can see we were super busy this weekend and had lots of fun. We also watched Crazy, Stupid Love, which is pretty hilarious. Don't worry, Molly is still loving her snakey (best toy ever so far, she has destroyed the squeakers the first 5 mins she has them though). Pin It


Mock family said...

busy bees!! very informative!

NoPermanentAddy said...

We have had the IKEA dishes in both our houses abroad and were pleased each time! I love following your journey! You two have to be the most organized people I've ever 'met'!

leah said...

LOVE the chair!! And all the stuff you bought, so cute!!

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