Monday, October 1, 2012

Last post here

Well bloggers, this is Michelle and this is my last blog post...... ON JEN'S BLOG. It has finally happened, I got my own blog :) I figured I would stop taking control of hers and I now have time  (since I'm just waiting for Hadley to arrive). Head on over and subscribe to my blog, below is our link.

Michelle and James' blog

Big thanks to Jen and David for house hunting for us this weekend..... they did a good job, although we're not sure on a decision yet. Also, shout out to Jen, who is starting a new job TODAY! Happy October everyone, time is flying!

Max and David in an action shot during the house hunt

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Chris said...

Haha, love the pic. And yea for the new blog and for Jen's first day at the new job!

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