Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Max is a Little Model

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have Max model some baby clothes from the company I used to work for. He was a little hesitant and first and then he turned on the charm. Such a photogenic little boy.
 My little cowboy

 My little monster

 My little golfer

 My little lion

 Absolutely precious. My favorite one. 
Me and Max. Max turns 8 months old today! Thanks to Steve for getting one of the two of us. I miss everyone at work, thanks for having us! 
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Jen S said...

Oh my gosh, I died when I saw him in the golfer outfit. So adorable!

Mock family said...

he is seriously a looker! you need to get him on payroll :)

asj said...

so cute! love it- I can't believe he's 8 months already?!

Chris said...

Agree with Shell, he needs to be makin bank!

leah said...

OH MY WORD he is so so so cute!! Oh I love all these new things but the hooded towel and the cowboy outfit pictures just made me melt ;)

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