Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

 This is a picture from when I had to wake max up after a nap because we had to go somewhere. Poor little guy, just look at that face.
 We went to the pumpkin patch on saturday to take some photos of max with some pumpkins
 They had a big corn box and max is saying, "dad, what am I doing in here"

 Then he says "oh, I'm suppose to eat it"
 My lil pumpkin with the pumpkins
 Checking everything out
 Family photo
 Gigi, me and Max being uncooperative

 Sweet boy

Next year maybe we'll head on into the corn maize!
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Chris said...

Aww...can't wait to see him! :o)

Jen S said...

That first photo is hilarious!

Mock family said...

that poor little baby boy! never wake him from a nap, he's so sad! I love all the photos I miss that boy

Anonymous said...

Oh that 1st pic is the saddest!! I love that u captured that moment!!! Who ever thinks 2 do that? You do! Love all the pics of the pumpkin patch, what was the name of it? We might have 2 go visit it. Have a gr8 time in FL this wknd and give my love to Chis and Marla!! Love, G

Linda said...

Love those baby blue eyes! Looks like a beautiful day with lots of Fall fun and pretty pumpkins to pose with.

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