Monday, October 29, 2012

Photo Catch Up from NY

I was going through my photos last night and realized I forgot to post some from our Labor Day trip up to NY. As I woke up this morning to upper 30's-40 degree weather with wind advisory I am thinking of all the east coasters in the path of the storm. Be safe everyone!
Marla sent such cute gifts up to Michelle and Hadley that my brother brought since she couldn't be there. The most adorable of them all was this stroller blanket with her name on it. Since Michelle is 37 weeks today Hadleys blanket is packed in her car seat and in the car!! Hurry up 3 weeks, we can hardly wait!
I had to include this photo again as I posted it already, Max loves his Uncle Chris so he wanted me to put it again.
We also got to visit with our friends from high school Kacy and Melanie. It is always great to catch up with them and I wish we lived closer! They prepared a great breakfast for us and we got to see Kacy's new house. That was fun!
Max also got play time with little Mikayla, they are very close in age so it was fun to see them interact. She is the daughter of Christy and Tim, some more high school friends.
Max would start "talking" and Mikayla would answer him back in their own baby yells and squeels.
Here she is professing her love for Max
And here is Max accepting that love.
They were adorable. This his Sandie and Jen supervising baby play time.
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Chris said...

Awww..Max!!! :o)

Mock family said...

too cute! convenient you left out the photos where max forces himself on Mikayla because that was not well received! yay for 37 weeks let's go hadley!

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