Thursday, October 25, 2012

Max is 8 Months

My big boy is 8 months old (well older as I'm late posting again). I lost the monthly stickers in the move and David grabbed me some more at party city so we were back in business. Since we are at David's parents we don't have our nursery chair so we improvised for these photos.
Stats- I really don't know how much he weighs, he is def. getting chunkier as he eats a ton. He goes the middle of november for his 9 month check up so I'll update then.
New Development-
On October 3rd Max became an official crawler. He had been slowly moving for a little while, but he really took off on that day. Just before his 8th month b-day.
He loves his walker still and chasing grandma and molly. He will sometimes immitate you if you clap your hands or do patty cake. He sat in a real bath tub on our trip to Jacksonville and did really well. He likes to play in the tub water. He is finally starting to get interested in books and wanting you to read to him (he just likes to hear voices for an extended period). Before he would just get too antsy and want to leave.
 He likes to point with his pointer finger all the time and wants you to lead him in that direction if he starts leaning and pointing as you are holding him. He still says dadada like a champ although he calls most everything dadada. If he is talking to molly he does a firm DA though. He likes the pumpkin decorations at david's parents house and will want to point and visit with them. He loves to crawl and then plop over to the sitting position and then back to crawling. We are still waiting for a top tooth to come in. He keeps using his lips and tongue to feel around up there so we think they're coming soon.
Favorite Activities and Personality-  Loves walks in the stroller, especially if molly is walking in front of him. He loves cars and legos, mostly just to stick in his mouth like everything else. He makes raspberries on your skin if you hold him and he has access to your arm/leg.
If David makes a roaring sound (like a dinosaur) Max will answer back with a lower grrr sound, its really cute. I'm pretty sure he was doing it in this photo.
Eating- He still LOVES food. I nurse him in the mornings and at night before bed. I pump milk at work but lately it hasn't been enough for both feedings while I'm gone so we're using forumla for those. He has milk at 7am, 11:30ish, 3:30ish and 7:15ish.
He loves his sippy cup of water and puffs. We are just starting him out with a straw sippy to see how he will adjust and he's already taken to it. He is such a good baby food eater. We are still making a majority of our baby foods. I added an addition of tofu and banana mix and doing some chicken and apples to get some more protein in. It's a lot of work and I'm so lucky to have so much help with cutting all the fruit and veggies. He has gotten very good at using his pinchers (pointer and thumb) to grab puffs and some finger foods.
Sleeping- He is still doing GREAT with sleeping. I am one happy mama that he has taken so well to it finally! He goes to bed by 7:30am and gets up around 7am. He sometimes wakes up and starts playing in the 6:30am range, but most times he doesn't cry so I can finish getting ready. He still naps around 10 and 2 for about an hour, sometimes longer.
Molly and Max are bff's.
Randoms- He is in size 3 pampers diapers
Size 9 month clothes
Max will also wave sometimes if we wave to him.
I am loving the stage Max is in being a bit more independent, but it is definitely time to baby proof. He tries to open every cabinent and you have to watch him like a hawk. Love this little boy! Make sure you join me on instagram (iphone users) to see more photos of Max. My user name is jens871.
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Mock family said...

He is just so cute!! I love that little finger, it's like "wait just a minute!" Great halloween bag photos, too cute! can't wait for him to be all dressed for halloween!

Chris said...

Love the little bugger. He always looks like he's having a good time! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh I can so tell that you are doing this photo shoot at mom and dads!! When my kids were this age they would always put them IN something and take pictures ( picnic baskets, over size teacups, etc) too funny!!! Looks like you guys had a great time at Chris and Marla's!!!!! Love, G

leah said...

He is just absolutely the cutest!! Loved reading his update and everything he's into lately!

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