Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book of Lists Series: December Wish List

I was reading through my blog roll when I saw a fun monthly blog series a fellow blogger had started. Kathleen from Kapachino started a Book of Lists series. Every month there will be a new topic to build a list on. I don't know about you, but I love making lists. It keeps me prioritized and focused. I have a bunch started on my iphone at any given time. I missed the start of it last month where you were suppose to find a blank notebook or assemble blank pages and decorate the front. As you can see below this is my blank book I found laying around.
 I will have to come back to this part.  December's topic is Wish List. You could go big wishes, small wishes or just your Christmas list. I did a combo. 

  • I am really hoping the beginning of December flies by because we close on our house December 12th and I am excited to get in there.
  • I hope packing up/moving day and everything leading up to closing goes smoothly. We want to get the carpets cleaned and hope the condition of how they leave the house is desirable. 
  • I wish for a job/career where I can earn the same or more money at a something love doing.  I just feel that I haven't completely found that yet and look forward to finding that hopefully soon.
  • Since we got back from Texas Max has been waking up around 11:30pm and whining for a bit, then sleeping then whining until I get annoyed and go in around 1am and feed him. He goes right down after that luckily but I am not sure what that is about. Let's get back to solid night time sleeping. 
  • My sister, her husband and new baby Hadley will be making a move to their new base next week in MS. They will be going to their new house and driving 12 hours with a newborn is not a piece of cake so I wish for them safe, easy travels. 
  • I would love to remodel/decorate our new house right away if limited funds wasn't in the way (it's a wish list right, so a girl can dream).
  • A happy, healthy, wonderful holiday season to all our friends and family
  • Since we did Max's Where the Wild Things are Nursery wall vinyl I have been wanting to explore different craft projects using one. We have to redo his nursery soon and I have been eyeing large scale vinyl cutters.
  • Lastly I wish for a friendly neighborhood where Max will be able to play in the culdesac and meet other kids and for us adults to enjoy being friends and neighbors. 
Next months topic is "looking forward." This can be related to your 2013 goals for the year or what you're looking forward to. The posting date is January 7th if you want to start blogging on this fun series, too! 

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Jayme said...

Love your list and how you include so much of your family. I'm playing along too and I can't wait to keep seeing people's lists.


leah said...

Love your list too, as I'm a list maker as well :) I can't wait to hear about your new house and neighborhood... I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

LRAtRandom said...

Your link caught my attention because my hubs and I are another Dave and Jen team :)

I love those little post it books! Great list too! Here's mine if you're interested.


Mock family said...

Love lists
Love yours
Do it up!

Unknown said...

That's a cool notebook, I've never seen one like that before!

Chris said...

I like lists and I find that most everything you put on a list or concentrate on gets accomplished, so that is a great idea. And also with it being close to year end, it is a time to go over last years goals and write down some new goals/dreams as well, so good timing and good items on the list. I try to verbally be thankful for every day things and wish for health/well being for friends and family daily also, every little bit helps!

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