Thursday, December 6, 2012

Molly is Having Surgery Today

David noticed a lump on Molly's right leg (opposite of her past surgery leg) while I was in TX. He waited to see if it would go down and it didn't so he went in to get it tested and everything came up normal. Then they did one more test Saturday that just came back that its a cancerous tumor. We decided to have it removed with an operation today in hopes it would get it all and she would be ok. There is really no way to know if its spread unless paying a ton for scan type thing so I guess you hope they get it all and wait to see if any other symptoms ever show up. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers today. Thanks
 Molly loves his Max.

And Max loves his Molly. Hug Time. FYI- this is a little sneak peek at our little photo shoot for a portion of our christmas cards, but I needed a good photo of Molly so there ya go. 

**Update** The vet called before surgery to let me know that the mass is a cancer called sarcoma. It doesn't tend to spread, but it is very locally invasive. He is going to take out the tumor and a wide margin of the connective tissue surrounding. One of the bad things about this type of cancer is that they love to come back he said. It could be 6 months, 6 years or never. He called right at lunch to let me know that surgery went well and he got the tumor out and a lot of the connective tissue around. She was just waking up and I can get her after work. So glad she is out and am hopeful this is gone forever. Thanks for the well wishes for my baby, Molly. Pin It


the girl in the red shoes said...

Praying that Molly is okay! Such cute photos of your babies!

Chris said...

Thoughts and prayers are with Molly of course. Glad her surgery went well and she gets to come home tonight! Hoping they got it all and she'll be happy and healthy from here on out!!

Molly looks so cute in the pictures with Max. That middle picture of Max is a little creepy! He looks so old in that picture for some reason! Such a weird expression or something, but still super cute!

Mock family said...

Oh mollania just love her and the photos

Linda said...

So sorry Jen and I will pray they got it all and it never rears it's ugly head again! Glad it was discovered and is not GONE!

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