Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I don't have a ton of pictures to go with this post, but it was a pretty busy weekend around here. Molly was naughty and took out all her staples and sutras in a quick 10 min time span that we weren't watching her. The incision was pretty deep so she went to an emergency Vet to make sure everything was OK only to charge us a ton of money and want to charge us more to fix it. Luckily we waited till ours opened Saturday morning and he just re-stapled her up free of charge and said it looked fine. She now has the cone of shame on a majority of the day/night for these first few days as her wound heals.
Pretty tree we found in Athens
I got my hair cut finally on Saturday before David and I headed off to a wedding in Athens, GA. My hair dresser straitened it and put a little curl in for me, what a treat. Matt and Kaleigh got married. Matt is a paintball buddy of David's. It was at the Foundry Inn and Spa. Very cool place and great wedding. They had pizza and Italian food for dinner and that was OK by me. So yummy.
The rest of the weekend was spent hanging with Max, fixing my car (oh, I forgot to mention this-story in a second), stuffing Christmas Cards (Thanks Mom and David), and packing up our stuff at his parents house.
David and the groom
While I was in TX for Thanksgiving David got rear-ended in my car (thanks hunny). Luckily, he was fine and the damage was minimal, just smashed back lights on one side, dents and scrapes on the bumper. David was able to find my exact SUV, color and everything at the scrap yard (not sure what you call where you put cars that have been in accidents, the dump?). Anyways, this SUV only had front damage so he was able to purchase the whole back end and replace it to save a little money.
Pretty centerpieces for the cocktail hour. Looks like someone has been on pinterest. Super cute.
We are getting excited only 2 more days until closing! I have transferred almost everything to the new house and scheduled a chemical free carpet cleaning for some of the rooms. We have our final walk-thru tomorrow after work and closing Wednesday afternoon! Pin It


Chris said...

Wow, so much going on...Bet you can't wait to be all moved in and settled in! Hope Molly is healing up nice! MOLLY! :o)

Mock family said...

Chemical free great! Can't wait til you move in!

leah said...

Ya'll really have so much going on. So I'm going to do my comment in bullets!!

1) Cannot WAIT to see pictures of your stuff in teh house, so so pumped for y'all
2) your haircut and dress look soooo pretty. What a fun date night for y'all!
3) Glad David is okay but hate that about your car!!
4) Thinking about what Molly did totally grosses me out and I can't believe she did that... glad the cone is working now!

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