Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July Festivities

We had a very fun 4th of July weekend with family in town.  My brother and Marla came in late Wednesday night and my sister's family came in about 3am Thursday.  It was very wet and rainy here, but we tried to enjoy ourselves anyway.  Everyone got decked out in their Independence day gear including the kiddos.  Max and Hadley were playing peek-a-boo.
Max was trying to teach Hadley how to crawl.
Cousin love! So sweet. Love them.
Pretty princess!  She is just a little doll.  She's so playful and happy.
Here are some out takes.  Max thought he would like to grab Hadley's bow out.
They were giving kisses (both mouths open).
Hadley with Auntie Marla.  Maddie kept stealing all the little popper balls from the kids.

Family photos for the 4th!

Max and Auntie Shelly

Michelle and her family.  Little Maddie fits perfect up there on the fireplace.
Pre-dinner group shot (we're missing Gina and family).  Max and Hadley are down playing with the car walker (you can kinda see their heads).
Told ya it was raining!  David set up a tarp outside so we could hang out a little and he grilled up some YUMMY ribs.
We all ate a feast that is for sure!
David's sister, Gina came over and brought a TON of toys that Ian used to play with that he's outgrown.  Check out all the fun toys!
Max loved playing with them and exploring all the new gadgets and buttons.
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  I am excited that Hadley and Michelle will be with us for a few weeks so I can squeeze this little bundle of joy all the time! Pin It


Chris said...

Good times! :o)

leah said...

Looks like an awesome time, love all the family pictures!!

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