Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend

Max got to mow the grass with his daddy.  He always stands at the front door/outside watching so David offered to take him in the new hiking backpack. 
The side yard is a very steep hill, but Max enjoyed every minute.  What a good daddy he is!
We took the kiddos to the pool since we finally saw some sun.  There wasn't any kids in the baby pool so Max did much better without distractions and toys. He normally just dunks his toys and himself so it's a constant battle to keep up with him.
This time he wanted to go into the big pool and just swim with us.  He even let us put him in a raft (he's getting in in the picture). I think it was because Hadley was LOVING it so he wanted to try. Hadley is a little water baby. Never made a peep just loved hanging.
 Hanging with Gigi on her towel (for like 2 seconds), but it was still nice to sit for a few minutes to have a snack.
James and Michelle are heading to visit his family in SC soon and then will be going to Charleston, SC for a few days to the beach.  They purchased this awesome beach tent for shade and to keep some sand out while they are there.  They set it up yesterday to give it a try.  To say all the kids/animals loved it was an understatement.
They had a blast!
Me and my babies!  James brought their cat, Bella with him this time since they are leaving for an extended period.  Max is now OBSESSED with cats.  He wants to go visit her in Gigi's room every few minutes.  He makes the most adorable meow meow sound when we ask what sound a kitty cat makes.  He gets so genuinely excited when he sees her.  I took video yesterday, I'll post sometime this week.  Back to the grind this week. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Pin It


the girl in the red shoes said...

How cute is Max in that backpack! What a good daddy!

Mock family said...

Meow meow

Chris said...

More like Nea Nea. :o)

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

How fun! That's a great idea on having him on his back doing the lawn!

Sara McCarty said...

So cute! I absolutely love the grass mowing shots! Mac and his daddy have a similar backpack and do the same thing! Mac LOVES mowing the grass with daddy! Aren't our boys the best? :)

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