Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Last Week in iPhone Pics

Max is so obsessed with balls and when the kids go up to play basketball at a neighbors house he just has to go.  This past week they were on vacation and it just seemed to be the gathering spot for all the kids.  Max loved going to play (in between the rain) and Uncle Chris helped him make baskets. 
We finally made it to the lake for dinner one night.  It didn't rain while we were there, but 30 mins after we got home it sure did. 
Nakey boy and his Auntie Michelle. 
Hadley stares at David (probably because he's so loud) and David was holding her while we ate one day.  Silly David. 
We went to Ippolitos for yummy dinner one night while everyone was in town and Max loved dipping his bread in the sauce.  He then proceeded to pick up the empty sauce bowl to drink it! Guess he is my little Italian boy. 
Hadley loves to be outside as much as Max so she wanted a turn riding in his car. 
She has really got her princess wave going. She's so cute.

I embroidered this chevron vinyl bib for Hadley the other day.  It took a good 30 minutes to stitch out (I made the monogram super big), but it is adorable! I love the hot pink pop of color. 
Buddy and Auntie before the mall.  He appears to have a mouth full. 
Auntie Marla picked out these adorable clothes for the kids and this shirt with Monsters University characters on it fits him perfect.  It's one of my favs. 

Yesterday Max, Mom, Shell and Hadley went outside to play.  It was quite hot so Michelle dipped Hadley in the water table since it's hard for her to play in.  Max decided he wanted in.

And IN he went!
Last night Max must have heard that Big Brother was on because he did not want to go to bed last night.  He screamed and screamed so we brought him down to hang with us.  He ate lots of pretzels, gave lots of kisses to Gigi and watched big brother like a true fan.  After it was over he willingly went to bed like a good boy.  Iphone pics aren't the best quality, but they are there in a quick instant to capture great pics. Pin It


leah said...

Loved all these pictures! And I'm totally jealous of y'all going to Ippolitos (although we have found an awesome Italian restaurant really close to our house that I'll have to bring you to WHEN you come visit!). Max totally has good taste drinking that bowl of sauce!

Sara McCarty said...

Oh my goodness, he's IN the table!! How funny! Mac tries to do that, but he does not have the skill yet. What is it about little boys and climbing on EVERYTHING. I can't keep him on the ground!

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

How fun! That picture of max with the bowl to his face is priceless!

Mock family said...

Great recap!

Chris said...

Haha, great pics! So fun.

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