Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

We went to see the musical in the park Friday night and the weather was gorgeous, but man was it crowded.
Max had fun running around, but could care less of what was going on with the musicals.
He loved when everyone was clapping and would join in, but I think he thought they were all clapping for him lol.
Here is a shot of all the people!  If we were closer to the stage, he might have enjoyed it, but it also took forever for the main muscial to start.  I am all for concerts having openers and such, but if it's family friendly then the main act should definitely start earlier than 8:45pm.  We left shortly after that because it was late and Max needed his bed. Learned my lesson. He was up from 2:30-5:30am on and off for some reason after that.
I got a chance to work on a custom embroidery order for a teacher bag this weekend. The final touches are going on it, so I'll show you soon. I am loving the maroon chevron fabric I used though.

Saturday afternoon we went to a fun BBQ at Carrie's new house.  We had fun letting the kids run around and play and catching up with everyone.

Max was showing off his cheese face so had to capture it.
Max was sitting with his daddy showing him how to use the watering attachment for the hose.
Max thought it was a nice day yesterday to wash his car.
Gigi took Max to walmart for grocery shopping and of course they came back with all sorts of fun toys.  Max picked up a new red ball to play with and he got a hydrant sprinkler. 
I was washing my duvet cover and Max always runs in to our room and throws himself on the down comforter like it's a fluffy cloud.  I went to the laundry room to switch loads and came back to find him still snuggled in.
I took a shower and kept Max in the bathroom with me.  I brought his bucket of toys but he will find whatever he can to play with.  This is what he ended up with.  A stethoscope, a bracelet and a charger cord.  Future doctor? Let's go with that.   
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Jen S said...

Future doctor or landscaper. He will have a well-kept yard some day. Cutie pie.

Chris said...

HAH...that's hilarious, interesting mix of toys there. Fun pictures with the Buddo!

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