Monday, July 1, 2013

The Weekend in Iphone Photos: Pirate Edition

It was a great, eventful weekend at our house.  I brought Max home a big cardboard sheet to color on.  He really loved it and kept the crayons for the most part on the sheet. We had a great time hanging with our neighbor on Friday night for a Moms Night In dinner and wine party.
Saturday Max got in his pirate gear for Madelines 3rd birthday party.  We couldn't keep the bandana on his head of course for the actual party. 
We did get him an eye patch, but again you can imagine how that didn't stay on.  He was trying to look at it with his uncovered eye lol.  I just realized I caught Miss. Brooke all cute and pregnant in the background.  She is due in less than 3 weeks with a baby boy for Madeline to play with!

David and I went out for our anniversary on Saturday night to Dockside grill at Aqualand marina.  We usually go to Fishtales for excellent food on lake lanier, but I heard about this place and the views so we thought we'd check it out.  You can't beat the views, you are in the middle of the lake at this location.
The food is more geared towards sandwiches and burgers, but was really good.  I got the grouper sandwich which was just about the most expensive thing on the menu at $13.50 so really not a bad dinner price.  It was excellent (lightly blackened).  They lacked fun drinks, but they had beer, wine and margaritas.  Unfortunately the margaritas came in the form of a premixed malt beverage, but I added fresh lime and it tasted pretty good.

We are bringing my family to one of these locations for dinner while they're here this weekend so it'll be a toss up. 
Gigi bought Max this special Aquadoodle activity mat while she was babysitting Saturday night.  You use water filled markers and paint brushes to color.  He really likes it and we have fun drawing together.  And no crayon mess although I did find a few crayon marks, so he must have found some crayons and tried to color on it (oops).
 We ended the weekend with a yummy popsicle after church and can't wait for this first part of the week to go by fast.
Love my boys.  Hope you all had a great weekend.
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Chris said...

Can't wait! Good times ahead! :)

leah said...

Looks like a great weekend! So excited for Brooke and the shirt you made for Madeline was adorable! Also congratulations on your anniversary, doesn't seem that long ago that you were getting mad at me for bringing an umbrella to your wedding!! hahaha miss y'all!

Mock family said...

Which restaurant is closer, I vote that one. Views are way better at this one but drinks were superb at the other one... Boom boom

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