Friday, May 20, 2011

Backpack for Italy

While we were at Kohls this past weekend spending some Kohls cash we came across this travel luggage bag.
We wanted a bag that is easily transportable, big enough and something I can wear as a back pack. Although we aren't back packing through Europe we will be traveling by train to at least 4/5 cities so we want to be easily mobile.
This bag should be a perfect size and also has extra front pockets and storage features.
One of the most awesome things about this bag is that it is 2 bags in 1! The front section comes off and can be used as a smaller back pack for traveling to sights! How awesome is that. We were sold on it after we realized this.
I think I am really going to like it. I have to pack it up and test it out with actual stuff in there. We got it for $100 and got $20 in Kohls cash so not a bad deal. David is going to borrow a friends bigger backpack so we should be able to fit everything.
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Jen S said...

Personally, I prefer the Vac-Pak Back-Pack.

NoPermanentAddy said...

Hi Jen! I sent you a blog invite- hope you got it! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Anonymous said...

What a cool bag! That is gonna work great! Love G

Linda said...

Looks like a very versatile answer to traveling to multiple places! Great price too...I love Kohl's!

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