Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thing I'm Lovin'

I recently purchased a bunch of things that I love and want to share with you. I know these are going to be materialistic things, just know that I do love a lot of people, but for this post its all about things. A few months ago we got a $100 AMEX gift card from work for being awesome so most of these purchases were my splurge items for that.
 I LOVE these roses that David got me this weekend. They are spray/mini roses and I love all the tightness of the layers. So beautiful.
I am loving this storage ottoman I got from Target for $16. I had a regular one that I set all my workout sheets, coupon organizer etc on, but it was an eye sore in our family room. This one allows me to open it up and nicely store my coupon organizers, magazines, weights and papers.
I am loving my Rick Steve's Italy 2011 book. It has fold out maps and is a great read. I am highlighting and taking notes like I am taking a college course. I love doing that, but I am basically rewriting the whole book in my notepad because I don't know much about Italy it seems.
I bought a steam mop! This is the Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer purchased from Amazon for $63. I LOVE it. The water heats up to 220 degrees so NO harsh chemicals needed! How green is that!? I read a ton of reviews (there is a great detailed comparison by someone already on amazon) and have already tried it out. It works on finished hardwood floors, ceramic tile, laminate etc. It works great, is super quiet and did I mention I love it.
Last but not least is my new KitchenAid Fruit/Vegetable Strainer and Food Grinder for Stand Mixers purchased for $34 from amazon. I am going to try canning my own tomatoes this year and since the machine we used this past september with my Grandma is up in NY (and I don't think she'll ever part with it) I found an alternative. This attaches to my kitchenaid mixer and will allow me to can tomatoes. It also has a grinder attachment so I can twice grind my meat (like Grandma does for her meatballs). I am excited to try it out this summer. Tomatoes are in season July in Georgia and September in NY. Any family reading this, we're setting a date in July so if you want in on any sauce this year, you must be in attendance!
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leah said...

So fun! I love all these things and know you are pumped about each one of them. I might have to buy some of those storage ottomans!!

Oh and I know I'm not family but I might have to stop by and see the canning process in person this year!!

Chris said...

Nice, used my idea for a blog post and got the steamer from my list of favorite things! That's gotta be worth a few jars of sauce right there. :o)

Mock family said...

I'll be there!

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