Monday, May 2, 2011

Fixing Up The Armoire

We've kept the armoire that we got at the auction in the garage ever since. I've been meaning to fix it up, but kept running out of time on the weekends. We got to stay home for the most part all weekend so I got to work on it. We purchased a buffing pad, goo-be gone, furniture polish, paint to match and a new paintbrush.
Here are some before pictures. The big spot in the middle was from pledge (I don't love that stuff, I got new furniture polish after I saw this).
I was glad that the only real damage to the front of the armoire was the stickers and sticky spots.
The major challenge was the side. You can see all the little knicks on the bottom and that packing tape was seriously stuck on.
Here is a progress shot. I tried my best with the goo be gone and a razor to take that tape off and then I sanded with David's little buffing tool. I didn't want to go too deep. I did have wood putty, but was trying not to use it if I didn't have to.
I decided to just paint the whole side with the new black paint. I have an issue with matching paint. If its not perfect (which it NEVER is) I freak out. Since this will be the side exposed when we put it in our bedroom I wanted it to look nice. This is as it was drying. I love the distressed look and it did help my confidence since whatever I mess up I can attribute to the distressed look.
I'm not sure if I ever showed you the inside. This armoire is more of a desk armoire, it has slide out drawers, bulletin board and a white board. It also has a shelf that we took out for now that will hold the tv higher.
Finished product for now. I still have to dust and apply the furniture polish to complete. You can see some of the paint strokes a little but this was a very sunny day and  I don't think you'll notice much once its inside. It's also super heavy and we are awaiting some strong men to help bring it upstairs. I love it and can't wait to have it in our room.
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leah said...

Looks awesome Jen! Still any believe what a deal you got on that!

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