Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Owning a House is Constant Upkeep

Owning a house is constant upkeep and I am so lucky to have a husband who does most the outside lawn maintenance. I do the occasional flower planting and garden growing, but he does the manual labor.
Last year we switched to mulch for our plant beds and we needed to freshen them up for spring/summer. David did awesome, he worked for hours on Saturday and some on Sunday to finish this up. My job was to drive the truck around that had the mulch in the back. It saved a lot of time lugging everything around the yard.
The garden is growing pretty well. We have little sprouts still making their way to the surface every day. I took this pic before David edged around the garden.
Molly loves the manicured lawn.
The roses love the new mulch as well.
 David installed a timer for watering the garden. It raises up a few inches and sprays the entire garden (and some of the house). It works great and goes off for 10 mins at 7am and 7pm.
I had a vision to make a little mulch flower bed by our mailbox. I was tired of David whacking the mailbox every time he used the edger. We dug up the grass and added mulch, now I can add some pretty flowers.
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the girl in the red shoes said...

Your yard looks great! I'm not a big fan of yard work myself...but I'm lucky my husband likes to do it!

leah said...

So fun! Kyle and I HOPE to have a yard one of these days-- the only yard tool we have is a shovel haha!!

Mock family said...

did the roses tell you they loved the mulch? haha fyi LEARN TO MOW THE YARD! :)

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