Friday, May 6, 2011

Wasting away again in Margaritaville....

Searching for my lost shaker of salt!
Yes, I know Cinco De Mayo is over, but I have some EXCITING news! I entered a contest on facebook through's page to win a free Margaritaville Margarita mixer and I WON!!! You had to submit your best salsa recipe and a picture from Mexico.
This is the photo I submitted and this is the salsa recipe I posted. The photo is from the Tulum ruins. They ended up picking 5 winners so I was pumped!
Here is another photo so you can get a better view. I am probably way more excited than I should be, but I am beyond thrilled. Besides a sum of money or a vacation this is probably one of the best things I could possibly think to win. We used to book our Dominican Republic trip a few years ago and my brother has used them before, too. They have GREAT deals posted on their site so be sure to check there before you book your next Caribbean vacation (I didn't have to say this, I just really do like them a lot.) Ole! 
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Jen S said...

That is GREAT! Didn't David have to take apart your home-made mixer for the garbage disposal portion? What a lovely replacement!

Jen said...

You are correct! My mom said, "See you did a great thing by using your old margarita parts for a dishwasher disposal and look what you get in return!"

Mock family said...

You've wanted one of these for years!! now you finally have one!!! ANDDDDDDDDDDD FOR FREE!! you go girl!

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